Mona Stenseth erlandsen

painter & fine artist

ornamental surrealism

Tradition, symbolism and fantasy. Mona plays in the intersection between the ornamental and surreal. Birds often land in her paintings – as a symbol of humankind’s urge to explore, travel and to discover what “freedom” means. She has a curiosity for identity, tradition and heritage – but also symbolism, fairytales and aesthetics from interiors and architecture. They all shape her maximalist style where she creates large oil paintings from dreamy neverlands.


Through the gallery of Villa Frednes based in Porsgrunn, Norway, we also offer a small range of limited edition fine art prints. 

next up in 2023

the artist's home, studio & gallery

Please get in touch if you'd like to make a personal appointment at Villa Frednes in Porsgrunn, Telemark (Norway)